Swimwear Trends

Since the swimsuit first emerged, many swimwear trends have dotted its colorful history.  Back when swimsuits were first invented, they weren’t even called swimsuits, they were called bathing gowns.  Why?  Because they really were gowns that you bathed in.  Back in the 1850s the swimwear trend was to wear long-sleeves, a high collar, bloomers and stockings.  Women had to stay covered up and the bathing gown was what they wore.  Then in the early 1900s the swimwear trend was the sleeveless one-piece with slightly lower necklines, but stockings were still worn.  Gradually the one-piece evolved into having shorts instead of skirts.  Then in 1946, swimwear took a big turn when the bikini was introduced.  The midriff-baring two-piece was so scandalous that the inventors couldn’t even get a model to wear it.  They finally convinced a nude dancer to sport it.  After the shock wore away, women began embracing the bikini and it became the next swimwear trend.  Decades later, the bikini is still the popular garment of choice to wear to the beach or pool with many new styles and variations having emerged from the original.

As far as tops go, the most popular styles are the triangle, halter and bandeau.  The triangle is classic in its design with its full adjustable cups and ties that go around the neck and back.  This style is more dainty and if you’re looking for a little more coverage, the halter is your answer.  This top has more material and thus provides more support for the chest.  If you’re tired of getting tan lines from the neck ties, go for a strapless option like the bandeau top.  This simple top only ties around the back, though there are convertible styles that come with an optional halter strap.