Metallic Bikinis

Metallic bikinis are fun and popular options to wear to the beach simply for the amount of shine that they suits can have.  When you’re out in the sun, nothing’s going to attract more attention then a shiny metallic bikini.  These things almost create glare!  The most popular metallic bikinis are in either gold or silver but they’re not limited to just those colors though.  In fact, any color can be a metallic, it’s just a matter of adding some shine.  Metallic bikinis can also have fun designs like polka dots or strips.  Some bikinis mix in some metallic colors to add a little something extra to the suit as well.  A variation of the metallic bikini is the hologram bikini.  These bikinis are made of special fabrics that create a hologram-like effect.  They’re exceptionally shiny and almost look like they’re lacquered.  Designers are getting very creative with their suits so if you’re looking for a unique metallic or hologram bikini it’s certain you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Metallic bikinis come in a variety of cuts and designs so don’t think you’re limited to just a triangle top and string tie bottom.  There are halter versions as well that provide ample support for ladies looking for more lift.  If you prefer to avoid getting tan lines on your shoulder, consider the bandeau or strapless top.  Keep in mind that because there are no straps to hold up the top, it’s not a great option for women who want support.  On the bottom there are boy short options.  These bottoms have wider sides and some even have a bit of coverage at the top of the thigh and are great for women who like to stay comfortable and active at the beach.  If you want less coverage, consider the Brazilian bottom where some fabric is skimmed off the sides of the back.  These bottoms allow for a little more cheek exposure and are very flirty.  If you want to expose it all, there are thong and g-string bikini bottoms available as well.