Hologram Bikini

A hologram bikini is similar to a metallic bikini but has much more shine.  These bikinis tend to have a lacquered or vinyl-like look to them and are a fairly mainstream swimwear item.  Hologram bikinis come in an array of colors and prints, just like any other bikini and also in multiple tops and bottom styles as well.  If you like the look of a shiny hologram bikini, you just have to spend time to find the one you like the best.

Micro style bikinis are gaining popularity as well and if you like the hologram fabric and want to avoid getting tan lines, there are micro hologram bikinis out there for you to check out.  The micro styles offer only the bare minimum when it comes to coverage so if you’re confident about showing off lots of skin, this is an option to consider.  The tops are usually triangle tops with small cups that suffice to cover the nipples.  The rest of the top is made up for straps and ties.  Don’t expect any support from these micro tops.  For the bottoms, you can expect thong or g-string styles.  The coverage offered in the front can vary from style to style but the sides are simply thin straps that connect to a thong or g-string in the back, maximizing exposure to the sun.  Since there is so much skin exposure, do take care to apply plenty of sunblock.  Walking around the beach in a g-string is sexy, but getting sunburn your butt is not.  The same goes for all other areas as well.  If you can, wear a hat or stay under an umbrella.  Remember that getting in the water can wash away much of that sunscreen so you’ll have to reapply when you get out.