Gold Bikini

Gold bikinis started gaining popularity around the same time Princess Leia wore hers in Star Wars.  Even though many years have passed, the gold bikini still holds iconic status and can still be found in the world of swimwear.  The gold bikini spawned other metallic bikinis like silver, copper, even pewter, and eventually led to hologram bikinis as well.  These shiny and shimmery bikinis are definitely still being designed so if you’re looking for one, it’s simply a matter of finding the right one.

Metallic and hologram bikinis, though they’re made of slightly different swimwear fabric, should be cared for the same way you should any other bikini.  Swimsuits are susceptible to faster wear and tear if you keep them exposed to heat and chemicals.  These two factors start to break down the elasticity of the suit and you’ll be left with a baggy bikini.  When it comes to chemicals, rinse them off with water as soon as you can.  Whether it’s salt water or chlorine, simply rinsing them away under a shower will do a lot of good.  When you change out of your bikini, dont roll up the wet suit in a towel.  The trapped moisture will generate heat that’ll slowly cause damage to your suit.  Air drying is best.  To clean your suit, don’t even think about throwing it in the washer and dryer.  Hand wash in the sink with warm water and some mild soap, then you can hang it up or lay it out to dry.  Also, when you’re wearing your bikini, be careful where you sit.  Some surfaces like the edge of the pool look smooth but can actually snag onto your bikini bottom and create fuzz.  If you can, sit on a towel instead.